R/C V4 Car Final Modifications & Run!

I wish it was a liiiittle faster XD. Seriously though, the fact that it even moves makes me happy.
As for what it can be done to make it faster, I’m pretty sure the clutch should be upgraded because this one must be slipping really bad. The second thing I’d look is the 3 speed automatic gearbox which never engaged 2nd and 3rd gear due to the fact thay this engine can’t rev that high, so the centrifugal clutches of the above gears to engage. The problem is that other 3 speed gearboxes are adjustable for the shifting point of each gear, while this one isn’t. I need to find suitable springs of various stiffness and test them out. There is a possibility to make another video to show you all this.
Thank you again for your support and kind comments!

► Some parts and tools that I used and you might find them useful:

-Transmitter and receiver: http://bit.ly/2tMUDNG

-Servo: http://bit.ly/2SyBMy6

-3D printer: http://bit.ly/3bjK3i9

-Thermal camera: http://bit.ly/2SAjInv

-Toyan FS V400A Engine
https://bit.ly/3fyb4Qh — 10% Coupon Code :jq90

-Toyan FS S100G Engine
Watercooled version: https://bit.ly/3cZJBFi
— 10% Coupon Code :jq90
Aircooled version: https://bit.ly/3hwcGeX — 10% Coupon Code :jq90

-Other Toyan Engine
https://bit.ly/3hrVM1f — 10% Coupon Code :jq90

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