This video is slightly different than my other tail light videos. These tail lights are the 2nd all led tail lights that I have built and I built them for my wedding. In this video you will see the tail lights but also clips from my wedding.



Im Zac and I like to build/make things.

Tools that i use everyday to build lights:

Dremel –
Dremel Flex Tool –
Dremel Quick Release –
Dremel Diamond Bit –
Plastic & metal adhiesive –
Wire Strippers –
Soldering Iron –
Solder –
Heat Shrink –
Heat Gun –
Zep –
RetroRubber –
Impact drill –

Videos Shot on:

Canon Rebel T6 –
Phone Tri-pod –

Amazon prime 30-day free trial link:


Bk2 Genesis Coupe Tail Lights:
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