Formula Car Big Crashes #1 | F2 Mod

hai guys,i hope you enjoy of this video.
i’ve spent more15 hours for all part of this video.
And have a nice day 🙂

And don’t take it seriously this is just a game!

*This thumbnail inspired from FORMULA 1 official channel

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*Make sure to watch at the highest resolution
*Sorry for sometime FPS drop*
●INTEL i7-9750H
●1x 8GB DDR4 RAM
●NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
●CONTROLLER : Joystick Xbox 360
●Mouse : Logitech G102
●Screen recorder : Geforce experience
●Edit with : Adobe premiere pro
●Thumbnail made with Photoshop

realistic formula 2 crash :
sarisfying Car jump :
sarisfying rollover :
car delivery fails :
nurburgring crash :
formula car crash :
drag racing crash :
types of drivers during lockdown :
fall asleep while driving :
50crash in 3minutes :
WWII plane in ramps :
car vs stone :

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