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(as of Aug 25,2020 08:14:40 UTC – Details)

Paperless Kitchen Cleaning Cloth 5 Pack – Multi-Color, Colors Vary Next-level eco-friendliness for your kitchen Single-use paper towels add over 3,000 tons of waste to landfills each year. Paperless Kitchen Cleaning Cloths not only save trees and reduce landfill waste, but they save you money versus paper towel rolls. Made of cotton fiber and plant-based cellulose, a single sponge cloth replaces 15 rolls of paper towels. Think of them as reusable paper towels that are easy on the planet and on your household budget. Not your average kitchen cleaning cloth These heavy-duty cleaning sponges take the place of your kitchen towels and dish cloths with their ultra-absorbent capacity to hold up to 15X their weight in liquid. They clean dirty dishes and silverware, dry off damp countertops and soak up food spills with speed and efficiency. They’re suitable for use all around your home, too. Use them to dust furniture, clean bathroom fixtures and make your car interior look like new. A cycle in your washing machine or dishwasher restores them to pristine condition. A sustainable solution to household cleaning Paperless Kitchen Cleaning Cloths are 100% biodegradable and compostable when they’ve reached the end of their life cycle. By eliminating your family’s reliance on paper towels, you are helping to save up to 554,000 trees per year, and you’re minimizing your household’s contribution to the more than 6 million tons of waste that they comprise. That’s better for the planet and easier on your bottom line. For a home that is spotless and kinder to the planet, add Paperless Kitchen Cleaning Cloths to your eco-friendly cleaning products today.

ALL-NATURAL, BIODEGRADABLE cotton fiber and wood-based cellulose pulp is eco-friendly and compostable, reducing your carbon footprint even as it saves you money on single-use paper towels and wipes.
HIGHLY ABSORBENT and ultra-soft, they retain up to 15X their weight in liquid. Whether mopping up spilled juice or toweling-off a rain-soaked dog, these efficient natural cleaning wipes tackle all of your drying and cleaning tasks.
EASY-CARE biodegradable wipes can be cleaned in your dishwasher or washing machine and then allowed to air-dry. These family-friendly kitchen wipes are essential additions to the green cleaning products in your home.
VERSATILE AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL 5 Pack of cleaning cloths can be used as dish towels and kitchen sponges as well as for car detailing and general household cleaning. Customize their sizes easily with household scissors.